No-Fee ATM

Effective February 1, 2011, when you use an ATM at any Weigel’s location, we won’t charge you a penny. Offering No-Fee ATMs is our way of thanking you for making Weigel’s your favorite store.

We pride ourselves in offering the freshest milk, and the best cup of coffee in town. It’s always been our goal to provide friendly service and clean stores. And now, as a special thanks to you, we’re offering No-Fee ATMs.


Club Card

Gas Debit Card with Rewards!

The Weigel's Rewards Club Card OFFICIALLY launches on Monday, May 20th. Club Cards will be available at all Weigel's Stores. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a current Weigel's Rewards Card holder, you can convert your Rewards Card into a Club Card by clicking on the ENROLL button at the bottom of the page - then complete the form. Upon approval, your Rewards Card becomes your Club Card.


Chilled Cappuccinos

Weigel's Chilled Cappuccinos are fresh - tasty and refreshing! Made with Real Coffee, Real Milk, Real Cane Sugar and ALL Natural Ingredients. Available in 4 flavors - Original Cappuccino, French Vanilla, Key Lime Pie and Caramel Mocha. Your taste buds will say "Real Good!"


Weigel's Bakery

Made with the freshest ingredients, you’re gunna love our freshly-baked ring donuts, cake donuts, filled donuts, muffins, fritters, long johns, and cookies. So grab the best cup of coffee in town and a delicious made-every-morning goody. There’s no better way to start your day.

Breakfast Biscuits

Mmmm. Nothing says good morning like the smell of fresh baked biscuits. That’s why we bake our biscuits fresh in the store - every day. We offer three varieties:


  • - sausage, egg and cheese
  • - ham, egg and cheese
  • - sausage-only.


Weigel’s breakfast biscuits are car-friendly because they’re fluffy and moist – so they won’t crumble in your hand. We bake them much like you would at home – so they’re fresh and just plain taste better. Try Weigel’s a breakfast biscuit and see for yourself.  Available at select stores. Click here for a store in your neighborhood.


Skim D'Lite®

Skim D'Lite® is locally made, right here in Powell, TN, with East Tennessee cows for over 80 years! Skim D'Lite® tastes much like whole milk, yet it’s really fat-free. We can do this because Skim D'Lite® is still produced using an old-fashioned, tried-and-true cold separation method. All Weigel’s milk is farm-to-table in 24-hours, so it’s always fresher and tastier!


Fresh Coffee

The Best Cup of Coffee in Town is brewing right now at your Weigel's store. Weigel's offers it Original blend, Dark Roast, Kona and seasonal flavors too. The Coffee Corner at Weigel's has a variety of self-serve sweeteners and creamers to enhance your coffee experience. 


Fountain Drinks

Fountain drinks are better under the W.


Kitchens Sandwiches

Weigel's Kitchens is our brand of fresh sandwiches delivered fresh daily to Weigel's Stores. We use fresh ingredients to make delicious sandwich combinations. Perfect for lunchtime, dinnertime or anytime you want a fresh meal without the wait. Only under the W.


Chocolate Milk

Weigel’s Chocolate Milk Voted the Best Chocolate Milk in the Annual Tennessee State Fair and Wins Blue-Ribbon. To celebrate, Weigel’s Chocolate Milk in half gallons is on special at $2.19.  It’s 2%-based chocolate milk – meaning it’s healthier. So drink two glasses! Only under the W.


Iced Tea

Weigel's makes its own sweetened iced tea to make sure it has the taste preferred by East Tennesseans. Along with the original sweetened iced tea, Weigel’s offers both hint of lemon iced tea and its orange-flavored iced tea. It is offered year round in half gallons and pints.


Fruit Drinks

Weigel's also makes two fruit drinks in the country dairy: Lemonade and Fruit Punch. These are wholesome, non-carbonated beverages that are popular with the whole family. Fruit drinks are available year round in half gallons and pints.


Dairy Line

Weigel's has been processing milk in its own country dairy since 1931. Weigel's dairy line is available in whole milk, 2% milk, non-fat Skim D' Lite®, buttermilk and chocolate milk. It is offered in gallons, half gallons and pints. Seasonally, Weigel's offers eggnog.



Weigel's was the first in Knoxville to introduce this delicious hot drink. It is available in vanilla, amaretto, and white chocolate flavors. In addition to the various "throw-away" cup sizes, Weigel's also sells the handy stainless steel reusable cup. A delicious Frozen Cappuccino is offered, too.


Orange Juice

Another popular product that is pasteurized and bottled at Weigel's local Tennessee farm is Premium Orange Juice. This orange juice is noted for its delicious, sweet flavor. It is available year around in half gallons and the famous Weigel's pint.